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Hami Nepal Organized its first AGM in Bhaktapur, Hami Nepal appreciates its supporters and launches its Website

Hami Nepal Organized its first AGM in Bhaktapur, Hami Nepal appreciates its supporters and launches its Website


Hami Nepal, a youth led non-profit organization has successfully organized its first AGM at Hotel Badagaon in Bhaktapur. The main motive of the AGM was to pay respect to its volunteers and all the well-wishers who have been supporting them since their establishment in 2015.

On the occasion of the AGM, Hami Nepal honored the guests including Dr. SandukRuit  (Chairman- Barbara Foundation), Deepak Bhatta (Chairman-Infinity Holdings), UpendraHirawat (Director – Infinity Holdings)Sulav Agrawal (Vice Chairman- Shankar Group), Sahil Agrawal (Managing Director – Shanker Group), who have continuously helped the organization to reach its goals of selflessly serving the needy.

The organization also launched its website which aims to maintain transparency of the donated funds and all the expenses of the organization.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Sudan Gurung, President of the organization said, “Our entire team is very grateful to all the donors and volunteers from all over the world who have shown endless support and love to make our vision a success. We strongly believe and recognize the power of youth and vision to become a platform for all young individuals who want to make a difference in what matters. The purpose of the organization is to have a positive impact on society by changing how we think about others and how we connect – changes that are more important than ever. Our group also serves as a voice for those who have no one else to speak for them.”

Adding more to it he said, “We believe that the website will help build more trust in our organization as it is a verifying platform for all the donors to keep track of their donations. It will also connect donors and the recipients directly. Furthermore, the website will be a transparent platform where donors can check the status of past and ongoing projects. It will be the first time in Nepal, where donors will have the freedom to make donations either for a cause or for the organization’s administration cost, and the funds will be solely utilized on the purpose that it is donated for. This way, the funds generated will be fully utilized for the welfare of the needy. It will also connect volunteers willing to actively participate in social reforms activities conducted by Hami Nepal.”

Hami Nepal is a movement that truly believes in the narrative ‘For the people, by the people’ translating every individual coming in to work for the greater good of the country’s people. 

About Hami Nepal

Hami Nepal, a youth-led organization is a non-profitable organization which was established during the time of the 2015 earthquake and registered in 2020 AD. The main objective of the organization is to help anyone in need without any hesitations and expectations of payback. The organization doesn’t spend any of the donations received on administration costs as the team believes that 100% of the donation should reach the recipient in order to establish effective helping. The organization provides an equal emphasis on every project it acquires regardless of the size.

The organization has relentlessly paved a path to reach out to victims and casualties specializing in covid-19, disaster management, and rescue service. Their works that really made a difference in people’s life are listed below;


  1. Served the nation in Earthquake  2015
  2. Establishment of first Plasma Bank in Nepal
  3. Establishment of COVID ward at Bir Hospital
  4. Donation of X-ray machines and ICU beds at National Trauma Center
  5. Donation of oxygen cylinders, beds, mask, and PPE at SudurPaschim
  6. Distribution of 540 oxygen cylinders
  7. Cash donation to ManavKalyanAadhyatmikPratisthan
  8. SOS response to Star Hospital oxygen crisis
  9. In coordination with Desal Lama, we donated a water dispenser to Kanti Children Hospital and funds to 15 COVID infected patients and 13 children in need of financial assistance.
  10. PCR test for visually impaired kids with the help of Chhetrapati Hospital
  11. Establishment of COVID ward at Chhetrapati Hospital
  12. Donation of oxygen cylinders to Sushma Memorial Hospital
  13. Establishment of oxygen concentrator bank
  14. Donation of oxygen cylinder trolley to Narayani Hospital
  15. Donated the patient trolly to the Hetauda hospital
  16. Made donation at Chhetrapati hospital with the help of HLE Nepal
  17. Donated safety  to a frontline worker at Metropolitan Police Circle Janasewa, Bishalnagar
  18. Donation of Patient monitors at Stupa Community Hospital
  19. Made cash donation and wheelchair to a visually impaired person at Nawalpur, Sindhupalchowk
  20. Donation of oxygen concentrator, patient monitor, automatic sanitizing dispenser, PPE, disinfectant at Nawalpur Health post
  21. Donation of oxygen concentrator, patient monitor, automatic sanitizing dispenser, PPE, disinfectant at Bhojpur
  22. Ration donation to 178 visually impaired and physically disabled families
  23. Relief distribution during a flash flood at Sindhupalchowk
  24. Rescued a pregnant woman at Sindhupalchowk
  25. Relief distribution during a flash flood at Manang in collaboration with Rescue Manang
  26. COVID vaccine distribution in Manang with the help of MOHP of Gandaki Province
  27. Made donation to New children’s home orphanage
  28. Made donations at 3 different orphanages and old age home
  29. TU protest and filed a writ against unmanaged physical examination during covid-19
  30. Blood donation program at basantapur
  31. Donated remaining funds collected for baby MiksangGurung to the families of children with the same ailment
  32. Donation of oxygen concentrator, sanitizer, mask, PPE, gloves, antigen kit, thermometer, and an oximeter to Rukum
  33. Ramghat flood assistance
  34. DashainSabaikoLagi campaign
  35. 500 kilometers for justice
  36. Response to a massive fire outbreak at mugu

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