Why Sri Lanka And Pakistan Praise Bangladesh?


Five excellent articles praising the ‘Bangladesh Economic Rise Model’ were published in the Pakistan’s major leading dailies recently. Normally Pakistani media outlets don’t publish the positive content related to Bangladesh massively. But this time, Pakistani media start to publish the write-ups on the Bangladesh massively. On the other hand, Sri Lanka’s popular daily ‘Daily News’ published some article praising Bangladesh’s economic thriving.

At the age of 50, Bangladesh is going to be a South Asian Economic miracle. Although Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) was the part of the Pakistan, it has already surpassed Pakistan in almost all socio-cultural and economic indicators. That is the attraction of global eyes including Pakistani media outlets. Pakistan has started to see Bangladesh positively.

Basically, rare praise from Pakistan is the highest recognition of Bangladesh. It is the valid truth that Bangladesh’s success story is indomitable. Appreciation by Pakistani media proves the statement.When your opponentpraises you, you should think that you are doing better.  Indeed, Bangladesh is now a prime example of a South Asian economic miracle. Many countries and international organizations are appreciating the economic rise of Bangladesh.Even Pakistani media are praising Bangladesh’s economic growth in their reports, editorials, opinions, etc.

Bangladesh celebrated its 50th founding anniversary. From the center to the village level, the festival was celebrated all over the country. Many discussed the successes and achievements of the country in their programs. Pakistani media outlets discussed the issue in their editorial and opinion pages. Among of the