How A Pakistani Newspaper ‘Pakistan Today’ Helps To Connect People Between Bangladesh And Pakistan


Public diplomacy is also called people’s diplomacy.Public diplomacy between Pakistan and Bangladesh is very necessary to bolster the ties between two brotherly nations. It is the ‘Public Diplomacy’ which can bring the two countries under an umbrella. People to People contact can initiate to strengthen the ties melting the ice between two brotherly and neighboring states.

Where government-to-government diplomacy fails, public diplomacy is very effective there to strengthen the ties. People-to-people contact between the two countries can turn into a holistic diplomatic approach between two countries. Then, formal official diplomacy between the two governments is possible. People-to-people contact diplomacy between Pakistan and Bangladesh may be Cricket diplomacy, cultural exchange of people between two countries, communications amongst the authors, writers, professors, students, businesses, businessmen etc.

Communication between authors, professors, writers, the general public is a kind of public diplomacy. By this diplomatic approach, authors from both countries can contact each other. Media publications and outlets can play a strong role in this connection. For example, Bangladeshi writers didn’t write normally in Pakistani media outlets and vice versa. To some extent, there are some issues with that. But after a long time, some Bangladesh writers including me (of course new generation) starts to write in Pakistani media outlets.

This time, we see a new trend of communication amongst the people between Pakistan and Bangladesh. They are sending their write-ups continuously to Pakistani media outlets. Basically, they want to establish relations with