IME Life Insurance Unveils New Mascot After reaching 10000 likes on Facebook


I.M. E. Life Insurance’s Facebook page has reached 10,000 organic likes. According to the company, all these likes have been made possible by the collective efforts of its employees, agents, customers and benefactors. It was not advertised separately.

On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of the company KabiPhuyalunveiled the new mascot representing IME Life insurance. He also said that the company’s mascot has been brought in the form of robot and human hybrid to convey the message as the current era is digital technology oriented and the company aims to do all the work of the company through digital technology.

Named DigIME, the mascot will be available to future customer dignitaries and the general public. In the statement issued by the company, the mascot is going to be advertised as a representative of IME Life Insurance.

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