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Khalti users get 100 GB Free WiFi on WorldLink’s Free WiFi hotspot

Khalti users get 100 GB Free WiFi on WorldLink’s Free WiFi hotspot


Before activating 100 GB, Khalti Users must have already registered to “Free_WorldLink_Wifi”. If one has registered, they can activate the service from Khalti tapping on “Khalti ma 100 GB” icon in the Popular Services of the Khalti app’s homescreen. This service will be activated for the upcoming 30 days.

The registered numbers of users’ Khalti ID and WorldLink Free Wifi must be the same to be eligible for this offer. This offer is valid from January 11th to February 9th. Through this campaign, more than 14,000 WorldLink hotspots available in Nepal will have easy access to the Internet at any time and will be able to surpass 500MB WiFi limit.

Khalti has become a young, popular, and innovative brand in Nepal’s fintech industry. Currently, it has more than 2.0 million+ active users throughout the country alongside a 30K+ Agent network. From Khalti, users can Top-Up their phone, TV, pay their internet bill, insurance premiums, Government Revenues, Waste Management Bills, buy domestic flight tickets, and many more. In addition, Khalti also provides various cashbacks and discounts to its users to help them save their time and money.
Khalti can be downloaded from Khalti.com/app.

For further information, kindly email PR Coordinator – Aakriti Sharma at [email protected].



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