Role of Bangladesh’s RAB In Maintaining Peace, Harmony, Law, and Counter-terrorism In Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a developing country. Its economy is booming day by day. The pattern of crime is changing. Technological advancement has also changed the tendency of crime. One of the major obstacles to Bangladesh’s progress is the volatile law and order situation. In such a situation when every member of the society was suffering from uncertainty, the government planned to form an elite force to make the activities of the police force more dynamic and effective. The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has started its journey on March 26, 2004, by participating in the National Independence Day Parade. On 21st June 2004, RAB forces started full operational activities. Soon after birth, it has started to maintain peace, harmony in society. Since its inception, RAB has been working at the risk of its life.The RAB has been fighting terrorism and terrorists and has brought those involved in drug trafficking under the law. Which is one of the goals of the US administration. The United States also aims to curb illegal human trafficking and criminal activity. In fact, RAB is implementing the US policy in Bangladesh.

After the verdict in the seven murder cases in Narayanganj on January 19, 2017, the