Taliban Takeover and Terrorism Threat in Bangladesh


Justifying the Rationale behind the Fear of Ramification

Since the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan on August 15, it has extensively been reported that the takeover could lead to the resurgence of Islamist Terrorism in Bangladesh, drawing the historical link between Mujahedeen-led movement in Afghanistan in 1980s and subsequent emergence of Islamist terror groups in the later one. Furthermore,some,on the account of its recent history of terror attacks, have extrapolated, given the unprecedented victory of an overwhelmingly theocratic entity in Afghanistan,apotential upliftto Islamists in Bangladesh. Such ostensible assumptions could easily lead the public opinion to that end. But an extensive account gauging every aspect of ground reality both in Afghanistan and Bangladesh will weaken, if not wipe out, the validity of those assumptions.

Taliban in Different Trajectory

Born out of cold war as both a containment shoot of USA and a resistance force against the invasion of former Soviet Union, Taliban what they are today appear to be, until