Coca-Cola’s youngest and most affordable glass bottle “Kanchu pack” now available across Nepal


Coca-Cola in Nepal today introduced Kanchu bottle which refers to the smallest and youngest pack for Coca-Cola’s beverage portfolio in the country. Kanchu bottle comes in a 175 ml RGB (Returnable Glass Bottle) bottle and offers a delicious and refreshing consumption experience at an affordable cost of just Rs. 25. The bottle also proudly comes with the Coca-Cola logo printed in Nepali language aiming to establish deeper connections with its consumers in Nepal.


The RGB bottles are reusable making them environment friendly and the glass packaging preserves the freshness of the great taste of the beverages. The new 175ml RGB bottle is available for Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta and will be available at grocery stores across Nepal. Speaking on the launch of the Kanchu bottle, Adarsh Avasthi, Country Director for Coca-Cola in Nepal shared, “At Coca-Cola, we are continuously committed to offer consumers more beverage and pack choices for the occasions they want. Therefore, we are very excited to share our youngest and smallest pack, the Kanchu bottle with our Nepali consumers at a very affordable price of just Rs 25. Available in Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite, we hope our consumers will thoroughly enjoy it.”


The introduction of the new RGB (Returnable Glass Bottle) bottle is the smallest in Coca-Cola’s beverage category available in Nepal which demonstrates Coca-Cola’s ongoing commitment in giving Nepali consumers more beverage choices and packages for the occasions they want.Mr. Pradip Pandey, Managing Director of Bottlers Nepal Ltd. shared, “Kanchu pack is not only the most affordable pack, but it also designed especially for our Nepali consumers