Hult Prize at The British College: Proceeding Towards The Finals


The Hult Prize is a one-year program in which college students assist the world in alleviating poverty by giving food, water, education, electricity, and other necessities, as well as assisting the world in remaining on the road of humanity. Hult prize at the British college is hosting its main event on a beautiful Sunday morning, at 10 am. The journey is coming to an end following the onboarding sessions, seven mentorship sessions, and various other entertaining days in a week (Motivational Monday and Fabulous Friday) to keep the participants engaged. The event is set to be conducted on the 13th of March 2022 at the TBC’s conference hall with the final 7 teams competing against each other, in the presence of our expert judges.

The Hult Prize at the British college offered a range of training to students who didn’t have any prior expertise with company plans, business experiences, or ideas to help them develop their ideas and make a good difference in the world. The Hult prize allowed them to share their expertise and thoughts with the rest of the world. A mock pitching session was held on the 4th of March where the participants received feedback on their ideas, and how to present their work to a larger group audience. On the 12th of March, the last mock pitching session will be conducted before the main event so that the participants will have fluency at the main event.

Mr. Bibek Bhandary, the founder of Ascendifly educated our participants on the topic “Run