Ncell brings exciting new Gajjabko Daily GB Packs, making mobile data most affordable

Ncell Axiata Limited has launched new exciting data packs under Gajjabko Daily GB Packs, making data service most affordable for its customers on the occasion of Holi. The company has also increased data volume in existing data packs under the daily GB data packs.

Customers can now enjoy 7GB all time data pack at just Rs. 129 including taxes, wherein customers can use 1GB data every day for 7 days. Likewise, the company has launched 14GB all time data pack which customers can buy at just Rs. 199 and start using 2GB all time data per day for 7 days.

In addition to the launch of new data packs, Ncell has also increased data volumes under its data packs allowing customers to enjoy additional volumes of data at the same price as before. Under the revised data packs, customers at just Rs. 169 get 10.5GB which they can use 1.5GB data every day for 7 days. Previously, at the same price, customers were getting 7GB to use 1GB per day for 7 days.

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