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Ncell completes rebuilding of Lainchaur Ground with multiple facilities

Ncell completes rebuilding of Lainchaur Ground with multiple facilities


Ncell has completed the reconstruction of the iconic Lainchaur Ground at the heart of the city as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The ground is now open for the general public after its handover to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), Ward 26. The newly rebuilt multi-purpose ground was handed over to KMC, Ward 26 amidst a function and to mark the opening, a friendly match between the local community and Ncell employees was also held on Saturday (March 05). The project is wholly designed and executed in collaboration with KMC, Ward 26 and the local community.

This ground includes features such as a 7A size mini football ground, basketball court, children’s play areas, 50 trees, green areas, sattal (a traditional resting shed), stone spouts, public restrooms, solar lights among others. It covers the areas of 54,921 sq ft. Ncell had taken up the responsibility for building and maintaining it as per request by the local community member and Ward 26. The company will maintain the ground for the next 2 years. Upon the request from the local community, an international standard Astroturf was installed on the mini-football ground to facilitate the community for sporting activities throughout the year. The Astroturf has been installed on the ground incorporating ecological components—13 wells of 3 ft. diameter each and 10-15 feet depth have been built underneath the turfs all around the ground along the alignment for proper drainage and water percolation. During the rainy season, water will flow along the drainage system passing through all wells recharging the water through the wells making it a part of the rainwater harvesting. Only excess water will flow to the municipal drainage system.

The upgrading of the ground to a multipurpose ground will contribute to a healthier well-being and environment of the community. For the development and maintenance of the ground under the CSR initiative of the company, Ncell, and KMC, Ward 26 last year, had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). “As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Ncell accords high priority to sustainability and environment and we are delighted that in line with our commitment, we have rebuilt this great multi-purpose ground, contributing towards the clean, green and healthy city,” said Andy Chong, CEO of Ncell. Khyam Tiwari, Chairman of KMC, Ward 26 said, “We have now first of its kind multi-facility sporting ground with the support of Ncell in our locality. Our modern mini-football ground with Astroturf makes is it usable during any day and season and it is very easy to maintain. This has been a great asset for our community people and ward, and it also adds value in the protection of open space in the city.”

Ram Bahadur Rajak (Ramba), vice president of Janawachanalaya and Pustakalaya Lainchaur Yuva Club and a local community member, sharing his excitement after the rebuilding and opening of the ground said, “Our muddy ground has transformed into a complete multi-functional ground where our senior citizen can jog, local youth and students from nearby schools, colleges can play games. This will contribute in the development of sports and a clean city. We are very much thankful to Ncell for this project.” As a responsible corporate citizen, Ncell has been placing top priority on climate action and the environment apart from the education and health sector to contributing to the government towards achieving environmental goals under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Environment is also one of the CSR areas defined by the government in the Industrial Enterprise Rules 2019 for taking up social projects.

Ncell has made a significant investment of more than NPR 1.42 billion in various social projects, contributing to the socio-economic development since its inception in the sectors including areas like Health, Education and Environment, Disaster Preparedness and Response, and Livelihood Support among others with a primary focus on three main areas—Health, Education and Environment.

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