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‘Sunuar’ Museum established in Tamakoshi

‘Sunuar’ Museum established in Tamakoshi


A museum featuring the culture of Sunuar Community has been established at Tamakoshi rural municipality in Dolakha. According to municipality chair Ishwarchandra Pokhrel, the museum aims to protect and promote the Sunuar culture that is on the verge of extinction.

The local government invested Rs 2.76 million for the project which is expected to serve as a research center for the Sunuwar culture and attract visitors outside the district as well. It features historic objects, attire, musical instruments and other artifacts belonging to the Sunuwar community, according to local Nabin Sunuwar. Sunar people largely inhabit at Chyama Hawa at Tamakoshi.

Sunuwar, an indigenous tribe in Nepal, is considered a culturally rich community and the 2011 national census put its population across the country at 55,712.

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