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Great Photography System: vivo V23 5G – A Premium Flagship Smartphone With Promising Camera Capabilities​

Great Photography System: vivo V23 5G – A Premium Flagship Smartphone With Promising Camera Capabilities​


​In today’s world, smartphones have displayed our lives through newer methods of self-expression. When users look for a new smartphone, they want one that allows them to express themselves either by clicking pictures, shooting videos or doing anything else, it should bring value to their lives. Global smartphone brand, vivo, understands the requirements of its customers, especially the youth. It believes that smartphones enable us to empower each other and strive to remain curious and expressive. vivo’s latest launch V23 5G is a testament to this.vivo V23 5G comes with an array of features to make their user’s life easy, especially the photography enthusiast and selfie lovers. Let’s see why vivo V23 5G is called a picture-perfect smartphone:

It features a high-resolution 50MP AF Portrait Selfie on the front, achieving significantly higher sharpness in good lighting conditions. Even when zoomed in or cropped, selfies retain plenty of details. A lot of times your facial features such as eyebrows and eyelashes become grainy or blurry when clicking selfies but with V23 5G, it will always be clear and crisp. It comes with an Eye Autofocus feature for the front camera allowing users to be the center of attention because who does not like that. The phone can automatically lock and maintain focus on the human eyes, even if they are moving. Pro Tip: When moving within the frame or going farther or closer, use the Eye Autofocus to get beautiful shots even when moving!

The dual front camera system of the V23 5G achieves a 105° wide-angle field of view [1] with 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera, offering a much larger field-of-view, making it much easier to capture family portraits or group pictures in general. The feature’s most notable benefit is that it ensures that faces or objects near the frame’s edges are not distorted or warped, and that everyone is visible equally. With V23 5G, you’ll always be the one to start a group photo

It has happened to all of us at some point in time, when we want to click pictures, but the lighting is not adequate, and all you get is dark and blurry images. The vivo V23 5G is here to solve this problem. The Dual-Tone Spotlight: Spotlight Portrait + Spotlight Portrait Video function allows you to customize your Lighting On the Go, making this feature one of the most talked about. It comprises of built-in front-facing flashes tucked away on the top bezel of the phone. The light output can be adjusted according to the desired brightness and color temperature ensuring you get the best selfie at all times. Pro Tip: Use it when you want to click selfies in low-light scenarios such as a quiet street or a room.

Some of the other features to click images at night in low light include Super Night Selfie + Super Wide-Angle Night Selfie, it provides selfies clearer and brighter, taken at night. Be it solo or group, this feature will help take exceptional selfies. Another powerful version of the Super Night mode is the AI Extreme Night Portrait With improved multi-frame noise reduction and AI high-definition technology, it helps in taking exceptional photos in the dark.

Natural Portrait will help you shoot stylish photos and videos. The best part is that rather than excessive beautifying and editing like most front camera filters, the images clicked through V23 5G reveals the natural beauty and highlight your unique feature.

The 64MP GW1 Super-Sensing Camera uses the large GW1 image sensor with 0.8μm large pixels, enabling it to have good light sensitivity. The main camera comprises of two secondary cameras: an 8MP wide-angle lens and a 2MP macro camera. This complete package is every photographer’s dream as it can capture shots ranging from expansive natural landscapes to tiny worlds that aren’t always visible.

All these features show how vivo V23 5G is a dream for all photo enthusiasts and selfie lovers. Smartphone users should check it for themselves and experience the magic of #WeAreGorgeous pictures. [1] The optical field of view of the front super wide-angle camera is 105°, and 98° after accounting for distortion correction.

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