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Nepali Army constructs 12 kilometres road in Congo

Nepali Army constructs 12 kilometres road in Congo


The Nepali Army’s Shree No 25 Field Company (Engineering Company) has constructed a 12 kilometres long road in Congo. The Company, mobilized on peacekeeping duty in Congo at the call of the United Nations, constructed the Katoto-Lita-Jili road section and handed it to the body concerned. The construction of the road section had been started on January 27 and completed on April 20. The Vice Governor of Ituri province of Congo, Benjamin Alonga Boni inaugurated the road section, The Nepali Army, Army Public relations and Information Directorate has stated.

The Congolese officials attending the inauguration programme also inspected the football ground at Lita village. The football ground was repaired by the Company. The Nepali Army has expressed the belief that the public welfare activities targeted to the local communities carried out by the Army mobilized in a conflict-hit country would help create an environment of confidence between the local community and the peacekeeping force, further deepening the relations.

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