An Open Letter To Myanmar’s Policymakers From Bangladesh


Dear respected Policymakers of Myanmar,

We, Bangladeshi citizens want a friendly relations between Bangladesh and Myanmar with neighbourly spirit. Because you are ours immediate neighbours. Thus, you should strengthen the bilateral ties with Bangladesh by resolving bilateral problems such as Rohingya crisis. Myanmar and Bangladesh should bolster their ties with neighbourly spirit for various reasons. Currently the strained Myanmar-Bangladesh relations need to be smoothened. January 13, 2022, marked the 50 years of bilateral ties between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Myanmar recognized Bangladesh as a sovereign state on January 13, 1972. But there weren’t any seminars, discussions, statements, reciprocation, felicitations between the two neighbors to mark the special day. There were many ups and downs between the tow neighbors over 50 years. But Myanmar-Bangladesh needs to strengthen ties for ensuring the greater interest of the two regions such as South Asia and Southeast Asia.

When Bangladesh celebrated its glorious journey of 50 years, many countries in the world felicitated Bangladesh. Even Pakistan PM Imran Khan has felicitated Bangladesh marking the 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence. But it’s a matter of sorrow that its neighbour, Myanmar didn’t congratulate Bangladesh. Even both countries’ respective embassies remained silent on the issue. Why this is ? Because the relations between Bangladesh and Myanmar are strained now.But this strained tie must be smoothed for ensuring greater regional interest. However, the relationship between Myanmar-Bangladesh has never been smooth and has gone through frequent ups and downs over the last 50 years on a number of issues. Desp