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Satyal Publication to provide employment to 10 thousand teachers

Satyal Publication to provide employment to 10 thousand teachers


Satyal Publication’s products would now be available in digital version. The Publication, which is one of the leading educational publishing houses for almost three decades, has launched ‘Satyal the Learning Platform’ software on Sunday. The Publication has developed this software together with the World Link with the aim of completely digitalizing the education section, Executive Director of the Publication, Ashwin Satyal said.

The software includes features as E-Books (all CDC approved books subject wise plus extra books; E-Learning Videos (video content for all the lessons); Edu Help where more than 10,000 teachers will get a part-time employment; Assignments, where students can do the assignments; and Worksheet, Exam or Assignment Creator for the teachers. The Publication said in a press release that before teachers used to take 15 days to create an exam paper, but now from the app and the Publication’s website, they can create within 15 minutes.

Similarly, the software includes facilities by which the students can attend the online class and the teachers can host from this app, students can take the online test and teachers can host the test from this app, and teacher can add worksheet and notes from one platform, World Link’s Corporate Director, Laxman Yadav, said. Executive Chair and CEO of Platform Pvt Ltd, Aryan Satyal said that as this initiative will create employment, it will contribute more than five percent to the economy. The Publication believes that this initiative will ‘change the way we educate our loved ones and it is going to revolutionize the education sector for good’.

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