Technological innovations By vivo That You Simply Cannot Miss


Innovation is key to development. Without innovation we will cease to exist. With our gradual shift towards technology, the responsibility of that innovation is largely on industries that deal with technology, global smartphone brand, vivo has been quick to understand that investing into research and development is the need of the hour. In its effort to bring high-tech but user-friendly smartphones for its users, vivo has been delivering unique elements to make lives simpler for customers.

The brand largely recognizes itself as one that promotes professional smartphone photography. In order to make elements of a professional camera more accessible to a variety of users, vivo has been bringing creative features in each of its product launches. But the camera is not all that vivo has been bringing together, it is also pioneering the design attribute of a smartphone and acing its performance.

World’s First Color Changing Smartphone

Vivo’s latest smartphone V23 5G has been making a lot of noise in the industry. The day it was announced, it received a lot of attention for its Color Changing Fluorite AG Design. This innovation is the result of vivo’s two year-long cross industry and cross discipline research. It goes without question that this device takes the device designing and aesthetics to the next level.

The Color Changing Fluorite AG Design is the technology responsible for the change in color upon exposure to ultraviolet light and after about 30 seconds under the sun. This color goes back to norma