Why Cambodia now lavishes praise on Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina ?


The Cambodian media has published excellent article praising Bangladesh’s economic model. Cambodian media has lavished praise on Bangladesh and its economic success. At age 51, Bangladesh is going to be a South Asian economic miracle. Although Bangladesh is also a South Asian country , an immediate neighbour of Sri Lanka, it has surpassed Colombo in almost all socio-cultural and economic indicators. Being South Asian countries, the story of Bangladesh is totally different from Sri Lanka. Cambodia sees Sri Lanka as a friendly state. So, Cambodia wants a economic solvent Sri Lanka. Thus, Cambodia suggests Sri Lanka to overcome its economic recession by following its neighbor Bangladesh. That is the attraction Bangladesh now holds in Cambodia. Rare praise from Cambodia is the highest recognition for Bangladesh.

Cambodia says that Dhaka is on the right track to achieving a middle-income status nation and integrating economic growth with social betterment. Cambodia’s newspaper has had an excellent article appreciating Bangladesh’s success story. One focused on how Bangladesh has improved its quality of life, economic strength and improved education and research. Today, even countries in Africa are being urged to look towards Bangladesh. The article in the Cambodian media spoke about how Bangladesh inherited a shattered economy and a completely broken infrastructure when it became a free nation in 1971. Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had called it a “basket case” in 1974. Today, the world is both surprised and delighted to see a phoenix rising from the ashes. The article noted how Bangladesh has now gi