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Going “More Local More Global” at vivo Nepal

Going “More Local More Global” at vivo Nepal


Vivo, a leading global smartphone brand, has been providing users with new and innovative features to enhance their experience. It has won the hearts of customers all over the world with cutting-edge technology and advancements in mobile photography. It has equally focused on the mobilization of local resources stressing on “more local, more global” business strategies. In Nepal, vivo believes in diversity and has employees with backgrounds in different industry verticals including FMCG, hospitality, electronics etc. Along with offering best smartphone experience to the users, vivo is parallelly giving priorities to its employees. Vivo understands the importance and need of learning environment in the workplace so that the employee can grow along with the business ensuring employee satisfaction at work. Employees are encouraged to innovate and are provided with necessary space and resources for their career to grow and develop. It has been providing an environment where employees can nurture themselves by taking part in comprehensive training and developments to enhance their skills.

The brand now has a global fan base of over 400 million users and is present in over 60 countries. Since 2017, vivo has operated in Nepal, offering the industry’s first pop-up camera smartphone, the first color-changing phone (V23 5G), and a slim design phone. Vivo’s Y-series and V-series smartphones are currently available in Nepal, with the Y-series focusing on battery, design, and camera features, and the V-series smartphones being luxury smartphones with elegant designs, powerful performance, and mobile photography. Vivo as a global brand, understands the importance of dedicated employees who are willing to be a part of this brand in the long run. This can only be ensured through job satisfaction and personal satisfaction. To achieve this state, vivo ensures that the employees receive plenty of opportunities that can help expand their knowledge pools as well as exposure to more industry related experience. Vivo as an organization, takes its employees on a monthly and quarterly basis on different recreational activities where each and every employee gets to experience their individuality, achieve exposure and experience the diverse skills required to be a team player. This ensures a steady growth in employees through activities outside of work.

Vivo also takes pride in helping its employees achieve their own individualistic goals. Vivo helps fund employee for certifications in skills and knowledge that might be helpful in the growth of their employees. Employees get the opportunity to acquire certain skills and knowledge that might usually take a lot of funding and sources at a personal level. But through vivo, they are able to achieve this not only on a personal level but also help other employees acquire the same skills. All these factors result in an overwhelming workforce that is skilled and diverse in its application. Every individual working at vivo is skilled enough to teach and help others in the field. Every employee of vivo is a well skilled and equipped trainer that can help built a more experienced and knowledgeable workforce on his/her own. Such is the level of training that vivo provides to its employees in the form of technological and theoretical training when they join the organization.

At vivo Nepal, everyone believes in the spirit of being together and celebrating togetherness. This is very much in line with vivo’s ideologies that puts human being on an equal level as fellow human being. Vivo Nepal in this spirit celebrates every festival with its employees irrespective of the religion or nation with great enthusiasm to promote cultural diversity. It is important to instill a factor of unity in the people and vivo very beautiful achieved and displays this factor every year through the joy of celebration. Furthermore, vivo believes in the youth of today. They are smarter, well-educated, and creative. This inspires vivo to invest in them as potential employees. vivo does this by visiting colleges and participating in the placement drives and being part of career fairs in the country. Through this vivo not only promises well deserved youths to have a bright future, but they also help the country generate jobs which is a big positive factor when it comes to such big organizations. To conclude, vivo is an organization that puts its employees at the heart of this circle. It takes care of them, as an ideal organization should. Not just in skills and knowledge but also in mental health and physical health as well while promising the employees a steady growth and opportunities for a brighter future for both the employee as well as the brand.

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