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NMB Bank launches NMB Double Muddati Yojana

NMB Bank launches NMB Double Muddati Yojana


NMB Bank has launched an attractive Fixed Deposit scheme “NMB Double Muddati Yojana” and “NMB Janmabhumi Double Muddati Scheme” for its customers. Under “NMB Double Muddati Yojana” an individual can open the Fixed Deposit starting from minimum balance of NPR 50,000 and can be benefited with double amount after 76 months. Similarly, “NMB Janmabhumi Double Muddati Yojana” an attractive scheme for remittance fund that doubles the FD amount after 70 months. NMB Customers under this scheme could maximize their gains which will double their amount after 76 and 70 months.

NMB Bank customers under the same scheme can also get free credit card issuance with credit card limit of 90% of the FD amount or NPR 2.5 Lakh whichever is lower. NMB Bank Ltd. has been awarded with the prestigious Bank of the Year award four times, by The Bank Magazine of The Financial Times, London in 2017, 2018, 2020 & 2021. The bank was recently awarded Bank of the Year Asia in 2021. NMB Bank is currently providing its services through 201 branches, 138 ATMs and 9 extension counters.

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