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‘No fertilizer, no irrigation’

‘No fertilizer, no irrigation’


Tillers of Tikapur in Kailali who have been fed up for not accessing fertilizers now are teaming up for channelizing irrigation to their paddy field from canal source. As many as 1,500 farmers are engaging their in-kind labour for irrigation arrangement when there was no adequate flow of water on the canal during paddy plantation season.

Right at the moment, they are daily working to channelize irrigation water from Rani canal dam at Janaki rural municipality-3, Maljhul. Rani canal chairperson Shreepal Chaudhary said, “Farmers had brought different materials and equipment required to arrange water flow from the canal dam. Farmers are compelled to explore irrigation facilities on their own during plantation time”.
He further said, “Farmers are in double whammy. On one side, farmers are facing shortage of fertilizers and on the other irrigation facility has not been in place during plantation time”.

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