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Tulsipur sub-metropolis unveils policy and programmes

Tulsipur sub-metropolis unveils policy and programmes


The Tulsipur Sub- Metropolitan City in Dang has unveiled its policies and programmes for the fiscal year 2079-80 BS (2022-23). Agriculture, irrigation, employment, education and tourism development are focused on the policies and programme based on the theme of ‘prosperous Tulsipur is forever and for all’, according to Mayor Tikaram Khadka. The local government has adopted the policy of formulation of realistic and applicable plans, he added.

The local government through the policies and programmes announces to carry out land classification by formulating a data-based land use policy and to determine at least two pocket zones for agri-productions. Similarly, farmers will be encouraged to use organic fertiliser and quality seeds through a subsidy. In addition to this, the local government has a policy of keeping official records of farmers by providing them identity cards and the local people will be encouraged to build infrastructure for rooftop farming while building houses.

Besides, it promises to ensure a 50 percent tax discount in the establishment of industry in rural areas. The policies and programmes has given continuity to the ‘Let Us Go Visit Tulsipur’ campaign. It also has plan of conserving and developing the traditional art, culture and tourism sites.

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