Why is Bangladesh and Its PM Sheikh Hasina highly praised in Pakistan ?


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been highly praised in Pakistan’s ‘Daily Times.’ Punjab academician, researcher and international analyst. In an article, Malika-i-Abida Khattak praised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s confidence, foresight and courageous decision to finance the construction of the Padma Bridge. ‘The story of Padma Bridge in Bangladesh: more than a bridge?’ In that article titled, he has raised various challenges starting from the beginning to the end of Padma Bridge construction. In the article, he said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, a symbol of Bangladesh’s development by building infrastructure like the Padma Bridge, has set a precedent in the world and has shown confidence and foresight. He firmly confronted the conspiracy that had spread during the construction of the bridge and established the truth. The Padma Bridge bears the signature of Sheikh Hasina’s visionary leadership. During his rule, the world got a chance to know the potential of Bangladesh once again. Bangladesh is a country that has repeatedly shown its potential.

The article further states that the work on the Padma Bridge is nearing completion. The World Bank has withdrawn false allegations of corruption. Other donors have followed the same path. At one point, the future of the Padma Bridge and the construction of the bridge became uncertain as the World Bank and donors turned away. Then the critics expressed contempt. The conspirators also raised a storm of negative comments that it would not be possible for Sheikh Hasina to build the Padma Bridge. The article further states that the construction work o