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E-commerce platform Bizbazar successfully concludes “Vendor Meet”

E-commerce platform Bizbazar successfully concludes “Vendor Meet”


Bizbazar is a streamlined, digital-friendly e-commerce platform that aims to help millions of entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to create brands and transact with their customers online in a simple, secure and reliable manner.

Meanwhile, Bizbazar organized a vendor meet program at Bougan Villa Events in Tripureshwor on Wednesday, 4th of Shrawan. The program was commenced from 5 pm, with a detailed discussion about the future plans of Bizbazar and the needs, challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in Nepal. Around 200 vendors of various categories actively participated in the event.

In the program presided by Ram Chandra Sharma, Chairman of RKD Holdings, he informed about the importance of relationship and cooperation between vendors and e-commerce platform and how it can contribute to the economy and also lead to achieve the digitization envisioned by Nepal.Sharma also shared the business experience of Bizbazar and the company’s future plans among the sellers and mentioned that coordination between the e-commerce platform and the seller is inevitable.

In the program, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Ganesh Gautam, gave a detailed presentation on the relationship between e-commerce and customers and shed light on the psychology and behavior of customers towards the e-commerce platform. Gautam added, “Bizbazar has been providing necessary support and services to work digitally and independently by integrating all the scattered businesses and services of every seller, businessman and entrepreneur into one platform and expanding its reach and objectives and Bizbazar is committed to move forward with additional features by updating such services on a timely basis.”

The participants of the program said that the market place and services provided by Bizbazar to the vendors provide more opportunities for their business which will contribute significantly to their business expansion. They also shared that they are confident that the scope of their business is going to increase automatically after collaborating with Bizbazar, as it has already spread its distribution channel in 60 districts of the nation.

Bizbazar Limited is a subsidiary company established by RKD Group as a public company with the aim of digitizing the Nepali market. The company’s employees and experts have been continuously researching and improving the services provided by Bizbazar to make online shopping easy to use, safe and reliable.

Bizbazar’s customers will get unique experience and the company is committed to update it periodically and present it to the customers with additional features to make it more convenient and customer-friendly.

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