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Fonepay launches its Fonepay Direct “Paisa PathauThaukoThau” Campaign

Fonepay launches its Fonepay Direct “Paisa PathauThaukoThau” Campaign


As Nepal’s first mobile payment network licensed by the central bank as a Payment System Operator (PSO) and a diversified Digital Financial Service (DFS) holding company, Fonepay constantly aspires to transform and ease the lives of people with the adoption of digitalization approaches in the field of digital finance and payment sectors. Making the financial services simple, accessible and affordable through a technology-driven and customer-centric approach, fonepay have been persistently thriving to introduce and integrate the more simpler sophisticated ways that simplifies and facilitates the financial transaction among two parties relentlessly.

While moving forward with different innovative ways to multiply awareness about digital banking and helping people secure more digitally empowered financial affairs, Fonepay has recently launched “Paisa Pathau Thauko Thau” campaign, to shed light on the ease of instant, inter-bank fund transfers using only recipient’s mobile number via. Fonepay Direct. Fonepay Direct is another innovative service offering under the Fonepay ecosystem, where one can instantly send and receive bank fund transfers through a mobile banking application with utmost ease, convenience and security. All the sender needs to do is, Login to their Mobile Banking App, click on ‘Send Money’, choose ‘Fonepay Direct’ and make the required fund transfer by only entering the recipient’s mobile number and Bank’s Name.

This “Paisa Pathau Thauko Thau” campaign intends to untangle and streamline the fund transfer through its large fintech network, and reduce the complicated hassle people have to go through to send money or make any payments in a traditional way. In addition to that, even in digital payments like fund transfer from mobile banking apps, situations sometimes can be adverse like a bank’s account not being correct, bank branch details, Account Name, etc. Fonepay Direct takes care of all these issues as the one does not need a bank account number to send money, and it can be done simply with a mobile number and bank name. With this campaign, fonepay aims to increase awareness about the use of mobile banking technologies and create a positive impact in the lives of people with a more streamlined way of making financial transactions. Simplifying the complexity of sending and receiving money easily, fonepay Direct is the easiest, fastest and the most secure to make inter-bank fund transfers instantly.

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