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K. L. DugarGroup Launched Gyan Makhana

K. L. DugarGroup Launched Gyan Makhana


K.L. Dugar Group has launched Gyan Makhana, a new product of the Gyan brand in Nepal. K. L. Dugar Group has other popular products such as Gyan BhogChakki Atta and Gyan Maida. Makhana is a superfood made from the seeds of the Prickly Water Lily flower. It is rich in protein and packed with other nutritional benefits.

Makhana is mostly consumed while fasting but can also be consumed daily as a healthy snack item. You can lightly roast or directly consume this wholesome and delicious snack. It can also be used to prepare various savory as well as sweet dishes, including kheer.

Gyan Makhana is available in 200gram packets in various department stores and local grocery stores.

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