Municipality spends more than 10 million rupees for vehicle maintenance and fuel


Rupakot Mazhuwagadhi Municipality in Diktel has been found to have spent Rs.10.7 million on vehicle repair and fuel purchase in the last fiscal year 2021/22. The municipality spent Rs 5.3 million on vehicle repair and another Rs 5.3 million on fuel.

According to the Auditor General’s annual report 2079, the details of expenditure on maintenance and repair of the vehicles were not received as the form was not used as required. All the payments were found to have been made based on the bills submitted by the employees and officials.

Likewise, the municipality spent Rs 3.2 million on miscellaneous headings with most of the expenses on lunch, food and tea for employees and officials. In most of the expenses for miscellaneous heading, the program and purpose has not been disclosed.

Similarly, irregularities have also been reported in the distribution of the social security allowance in the year 2021/22.

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