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114 complaints against cases of usury in Saptari

114 complaints against cases of usury in Saptari


A total of 114 cases of usury have been registered in the District Administration Office in Saptari district after the government called for grievances against loan sharks.

The 114 victims registered their complaints against the exploiters, informed Chief District Officer (CDO) of Saptari district Janardan Gautam. The incumbent government formed a taskforce to take action against the usury rackets and to end such illegal practice.

The Ministry of Home Affairs directed local administrations to receive complaints from victims (with as many as evidences) since August 13 this year, noting that the loan sharks had allegedly exploited the illiterate and financially weaker section.

Taskforce coordinator Dr Bhisma Kumar Bhusal said that the government issued the public notice taking into account the widespread the usury cases across the country and the victims not being able to take legal recourse or make their agony public as usury is illegal.

Meanwhile, usury complaint has been registered against vice-chairperson of Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality, Phulkumari Sah, as well. Sunitadevi Mandal of ward no 6 of the same rural municipality has demanded action against Sah who, according to Mandal, has not returned her land yet although she returned her loan (Rs 40,000) with interest.

Chief District Officer (CDO) Gautam said that preparation are on for lodging cases against the loan sharks through the District Police Office by coordinating with the District Government Attorney Office based on evidence.

Stating that the Ministry f Home Affairs has been informed about the complaints received so far, CDO Gautam informed that the District Police Office and the Administration Office were also looking into the matter on their own way.

According to Gautam, some of those who have lodged complaints against the usurious lenders have done so along with evidence while some have simply filed first information report.

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