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Let’s engage farmers in productive sectors: Minister Sharma

Let’s engage farmers in productive sectors: Minister Sharma


Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has said the budget for current fiscal year has been brought with a target to change the economy depending on imports into one based on domestic production.

Addressing the 30th Peasant Martyrs Day and 69th Bhimdutta Panta Memorial Day organised by All Nepal Peasants’ Federation (Revolutionary) here today, he shared that the government has a policy to become self-dependent in agriculture productions through agro-based industry and replace import through industrial production and there would be a great role of farmers for the same.

“I want to call on farmer leaders let the next production campaign go ahead at your leadership. Launch a campaign in order to fulfill the demand of vegetables in Kathmandu Valley from the surrounding districts,” the Finance Minister opined.

The Minister further said that the country could be made prosperous only from the mobilization of labour, resources and technology.

Sharing that the parliament has passed the matter that the microfinance would now provide concessional loan, he mentioned that a matter has also been forwarded to provide concessional loan reaching farmland of farmers.

Urging all to involve to boost production, Minister Sharma said dream of Bhim Dutta Panta be fulfilled only if the country’s economy becomes self-dependent.

He also pointed out the need of connecting landless with production by providing land to increase production and to become self-dependent, to involve those, who do not have capital, in production by providing fund and connecting workers with labour by imparting training.

The Finance Minister further said that all should join hands to fulfill the concept of land reform started by Bhim Dutta as it has not been completed yet.

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