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Shortage of chemical fertilizer in Parbat

Shortage of chemical fertilizer in Parbat


Farmers here are worried over the scarcity of chemical fertilizers even after they planted rice. The rice seedling have turned yellowish due to not having fertilizer, they shared the plight.

On the other hand, scant rainfall has caused further woes. It is time to weed rice. The chemical fertilizer is used after weeding, but unavailability of the fertilizers has panicked farmers.

The Agriculture Inputs Ltd is the sole authority in the district to supply the fertilizer. It has admitted that if failed to supply the essential adequately to the farmers.

As per the Inputs Ltd, 1,000 tons of urea and 500 tons of DAP fertilizers are required in the district every year, which is in short supply this time, said the office chief Bipin Prasad Sharma.

“I need at least 30 kgs of chemical fertilizers, but got only five kgs,” said Bidur Lamichhane from Phalebas Municipality-4. He wondered how meagre the rice yield would be later this year.

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