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A Phone Made for Young Creators : Samsung Galaxy A13

A Phone Made for Young Creators : Samsung Galaxy A13


Samsung has finally launched their long anticipated Samsung Galaxy A13, a phone that keeps the high quality and cutting edge technology that Samsung is known to produce at a price range that makes it more accessible. It is the most affordable phone in Samsung’s A series portfolio.

A quad camera setup, a long-lasting battery life, a large screen and an extended storage space. The perfect combo to meet the needs of anyone looking to produce quality content using their phones. The Samsung Galaxy A13 gives these young creators all these high-end features like high-resolution photography, the crisp display and its powerful processor at a reasonable price, making the phone a valuable asset to the team for any young content creators out there.

The quad camera is topped by a 50MP main camera in the back supported there by a 5MP ultrawide and 2MP Depth and Macro Sensors, along with an 8MP sensor on the front. The combination works well to provide those high quality pictures and videos we all want from our work. The cutting-edge photographic function truly brings out the best quality of your work and its awesome mesmerizing display lets you work on those on a crisp, smooth and clear screen.

With its 15W fast charging and a 5000mAh battery, battery life shouldn’t be a problem for a recording session or two for a long while because the batteries on this thing can last long, providing battery backup up to two days when normally used. This would make the device a staple when it comes to vloggings or work requiring you to be on your phone for a long period of time. Samsung has got your back.

The storage options on the Galaxy A13 makes for a good backup for your data and content in general. With the option to extend its already large internal storage capacity with the inclusion of a memory card slot which can further extend the storage space by upto 1TB, the A13 is looking to be a handy device to have, especially considering the phone is also protected by Samsung’s signature Knox Security. So, worry not about your content, or any of the apps that you would need to download for your work, there’s plenty of space for them, and are secured by the best Samsung has to offer. Also, with RAM Plus you can boost your RAM of the device upto 6GB whenever there is a necessity.

Mr. Pranaya Ratna Sthapit, Director at Samsung Nepal stated that, “Galaxy A13 is a great addition to our portfolio. The device is perfectly suited for the young creators who have always been expressive about themselves and their skills in the social platforms. The features like 50MP quad camera and long lasting battery will definitely benefit the users in their strive to create content. Moreover, we are focused on providing an awesome overall experience with the introduction of new age feature like RAM Plus to boost your RAM when you need it the most for high performance activities like gaming.”

So, getting all that at the price starting at just Rs.21,499/- will be a huge boost to the young creators, some just starting out or maybe just thinking of starting out and some who have been creating contents for a long time and need a backup device for all their work, the latest member of the A series, Samsung Galaxy A13 has something to offer for all.

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