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Vianet Communications completes 23 years of its operation

Vianet Communications completes 23 years of its operation


Vianet Communications, one of the largest internet and TV service providers in Nepal, has completed 23 years of its operation. The company on a mission of enriching the lives of its customers through the best possible digital services was established in 1999. The company has always remained at the forefront of reliable and affordable Broadband internet and TV services

In 2011, Vianet pioneered Fiber Optics technology commonly known as FTTH for the first time and catapulted the nation toward a high-speed network. It was the first internet service provider in Nepal to provide dedicated speeds without any sharing ratio. Similarly, in 2016 Vianet became one of the first companies to introduce IPTV services, thus changing the TV viewing experiences of Nepali customers for the better.

Moreover, the company has been continuously upgrading its services to reach out to more customers with quality services. Vianet’s Ultra-Fi lineups of the internet are some of the most reliable and affordable internet services enriching the lives of millions of customers.

ViaTV, another great product of Vianet has been providing 175+ TV channels at an affordable rate. Recently, ViaTV was upgraded to ViaTV 2.0 with modern features like separate viewer profiles, picture-in-picture preview, pay-per-view options, and DVR features amongst others.

On the occasion of its 23rd anniversary, the company thanked all its employees, customers, and other stakeholders for making this journey such a wonderful. Looking into the future, Vianet Communications plans to keep improving and upgrading its products and services to meet the regular demands of internet, TV, and other digital services for personal as well as business purposes in the future.

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