Bangladesh’s contribution to FIFA world cup 2022


The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious and thrilling football event. The curtain has finally been opened on this thrilling event in Qatar after four years of anticipation. On November 21, vibrant fireworks erupted over Doha. However, even though Bangladesh does not have a team, its citizens are present on the World Cup stage.

The World Cup dubbed the “Greatest Show on Earth,” is organized in some way that involves Bangladesh, from field to field, in every instance. Bangladeshi expats are involved everywhere, whether it is in the stadium’s construction, the t-shirts worn by officials, organizing the referees, or the field’s medical system.

Thousands of fans, players, FIFA officials, and millions of tourists have gathered in anticipation of the World Cup 2022. For their comfort, many opulent hotels have been constructed. Following the World Cup, Bangladesh is heavily involved in the security, hospitality, transportation, and service industries.

Contribution of Bangladesh

This oil-rich nation in the Middle East employs a sizable number of expatriate Bangladeshis, and their contribution to the economy of the nation is clear. The football celebration in the middle of the desert is equated with the sweat and blood of foreign employees. To ensure the success of the World Cup, thousands of professionals have relocated to Qatar over the previous few years.

The goal is to focus on building infrastructure in Qatar in prepa