From Purchasing a Smartphone to Ensuring Proper After-Care, vivo Supports its Customers At Every Step


Buying a smartphone is not a one-step process. It involves extensive research before purchase, and after-care post purchase. vivo, as a consumer centric brand, through enhanced customer service, has been working for making this entire usage cycle easier to navigate for consumers. Since vivo’s inception in Nepal, the brand is committed to offering world-class technologies and top-notch services to the consumers in the country. Guided by the Benfen philosophy of doing the right things at the right time, vivo strives to enrich and positively impact the lives of the consumers.

In an effort for advanced integration into the Nepal consumer market, the brand has been guided by ‘More Local, More Global’ approach, endeavouring to bring global technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Imaging Systems to local consumers. Moreover, it recognizes the importance of local talent, culture, and customer preferences, and thus, has converged their efforts with for several campaigns.

As a brand, vivo has a close-knit relationship with their customers. All efforts, whether it be designing new products, or conducting research for advanced technologies, are geared towards enhancing the lives of their consumers. Every step of the way, customers have supported the brand, expressing their love and enthusiasm for their efforts. Thus, to ensure more accessibility for the