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Laxmi Bank’s ‘Save like a Champion!’ campaign during FIFA World Cup 2022

Laxmi Bank’s ‘Save like a Champion!’ campaign during FIFA World Cup 2022


The countdown to the world’s biggest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup has begun and football crazy Nepali fans await with bated breath to witness the magic unfold on the green fields.

To celebrate the event, Laxmi Bank will launch ‘Save like a Champion’ campaign aimed at highlighting the universal nature of savings, drawing an analogy between importance of goalkeeper saves in football to win a game and individuals who diligently save money to champion their own financial security.  The campaign will encourage and promote the idea and power of ‘save’ to create a better future for both present and future generations.

During the campaign duration i.e., from November 20th to December 31st, 2022, customers or ‘savers’ will be rewarded with exciting offers such as pre-approved credit cards, free lifetime green banking package comprising of Mobile Money and iBank (Bank’s mobile banking and internet banking application), DEMAT account, MeroShare , Viber Banking, email solutions and piggy bank.

In addition to the savings product offers, customers can also participate in exciting contests related to the FIFA World Cup 2022 to win exciting rewards.

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