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Vivo’s Journey in Nepal – The Most Loved Brand in The Country

Vivo’s Journey in Nepal – The Most Loved Brand in The Country


vivo, a leading global smartphone brand, in a span of a few years, has become one of the country’s top-selling smartphone brands. Through its customer-centric approach, vivo always strives to democratize technology and introduce global innovation to satisfy the dynamic needs of all customers. Whether innovating in terms of quality of its outstanding camera capabilities, delivering breakthroughs in fast-charge technology, or developing cutting-edge innovations in design, vivo has always sought to elevate the technology industry and create a better future through its ongoing innovation. One of the main focuses of the brand is centred around customer needs and continuously developing technology to make it better for them.

Micheal, CEO, vivo Nepal, said, ‘It’s surprising to see how vivo in Nepal has achieved so much in a short span of time. At vivo, we are constantly working to introduce finest technologies to the country and upscale our presence to meet consumer demands and equip them with cutting-edge smartphones. vivo believes in the concept of Benfen, the philosophy of doing the right things and doing them the right way. Guided by the same, we are here to build strong relationships with our customers and partners to continue to serve and expand in Nepal. We are grateful for all the love and constant support provided to us by our customers, esteemed channel partners, distributors, and retailers.’

Since its inception in Nepal, the brand has been meeting customers’ needs and delivering satisfaction. With 1000+ retail stores and 4 customer service centres across Nepal, vivo ensures that consumers can resolve any doubts they may have at any time. In addition, vivo offers exceptional and unparalleled after-sales service to its consumers with various initiatives including vivo Service Day on the 27th to 29th of every month to enhance consumer experiences. On this day, customers can take advantage of free after sales services that include cleaning, disinfecting, system recovery and software upgrades, 1-hour flash repair, maintenance without labour charges, and protective stickers.

The brand has always proactively launched campaigns in Nepal to express its individuality and motivate fans to do the same. The ‘V are gorgeous’ campaign motivated people to share their own transformation journey through a contest called Share your Gorgeous Stories with a belief that everyone has a something special to tell. Similarly, through its vivotine photography contest’, the brand gave fans a platform to unleash the creative talent of photography by clicking images of things that are special to them. To showcase its gratitude towards the people of Nepal, vivo has also brought out numerous offers and discounts through its festive offers and campaign like the Dashain Campaign.

The brand believes in the spirit of celebration and coming together of people. Through its special offers on festivals, the brand encourages people to spread happiness and love to everyone In its core, vivo is a brand that believes in innovation and technology that directly elevates lifestyle and the way of living. To ensure this, vivo offers a wide variety of innovative and cutting-edge products to meet everyone’s needs. Y series smartphones are designed for the young audience with powerful performance, a high-quality camera and battery to satisfy their every need and support their lifestyle on the go.

The V Series on the other hand, offers innovative camera technology, powerful performance, and a smooth user experience along with trendy design that enable users to stay fashionable and match their phone to their style. The V Series also brought along the revolutionary Color Changing Glass technology in its V23 and V25 Series that took the country by storm. Along with offering best smartphone experience to the users, vivo is parallelly prioritizing its employees in Nepal. vivo has over 50 local employees with a background from different industry vertical including FMCG, hospitality, electronics.

vivo understands the importance and need of a learning environment in the workplace so that the employees can grow along with the business ensuring employee satisfaction at work. Employees at vivo are continuously encouraged to innovate and are provided with necessary space and resources for their career to grow and develop. Having achieved numerous milestones in Nepal, the brand hopes to move forward by identifying opportunities and overcoming challenges with its innovation-led approach to providing the best smartphone experiences.

vivo has achieved what numerous strive to achieve due to the constant love and support that people of Nepal has shown for the brand, making vivo the most loved brand in the country.

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