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Glocal has announced the winner of Glocal Teen Hero India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh 2022

Glocal has announced the winner of Glocal Teen Hero India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh 2022


The most awaited Glocal Teen Hero edition for India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka for the year 2022 has been announced with a massive success. It was the fourth edition for GTH India, whereas it was the third edition for GTH Sri Lanka. Also, this year proved to be a much-added achievement as we were able to witness & recognize amazing young minds from Bangladesh as well initiating the first-ever edition of GTH Bangladesh.

Having said that, Glocal is delighted to share that the Winner of GTH India 2022 is Rudhvik Dharamkar, 18 years old Social Entrepreneur from Telangana; Winner of GTH Bangladesh is Talha Zubair, 18 years old Science Enthusiast from Dhaka, and Winner of GTH Sri Lanka is Risanga Dinsara Bandara Abeygunasekera, 17 years old Activist from Kandy.

Glocal Teen Hero is the platform for teenagers to identify and honor outstanding teenagers whose creativity, commitment, experience, and strong leadership have helped them achieve success in an increasingly challenging environment. This award recognizes and honors the exceptional teen whose work is sustainable and who can think out of the box addressing the issues and creating an impact in society. Fostering a collaborative community among recipients and strengthening national recognition of today’s young leaders is a primary goal of the Glocal Teen Hero Award.

With the aim to initiate Glocal Teen Hero in all over South Asia, Glocal has moved this opportunity to South Asian Teenagers for their encouragement and development. This year also Glocal Teen Hero has successfully announced the winners of India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Mr. Risanga Dinsara Bandara Abeygunasekera (Winner of Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka 2022) is an entrepreneur, an innovator, an artist, an activist, a problem solver, and an influencer. He is interested in social work and cinematography to bring those two together to build a more impactful industry in entertaining as well as serving the community. He designed a program to increase awareness about disability in a community where he has brought together about 50+ differently-abled youth and people from different professions to learn through observation, interaction, and empathy. He also build a team from countries representing India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Germany, and was the project head where he and the team designed a device for deaf-blind people to access quality education and communication.

Mr. Talha Zubair (Winner of Glocal Teen Hero Bangladesh 2022) is a Science Enthusiast who is very much passionate about molecular biology, biotech startups, sustainable agriculture, and emerging technologies. He was awarded a Bronze Medalist in the ‘Life Sciences’ category and became a medalist in the competition for the first from Bangladesh. He founded ‘Bacto Crop’, an AgriTech startup to accelerate sustainable agriculture using beneficial soil microbiomes.

He has also become a global champion in cities in space competitions and an international 3rd prize winner in the NSS Space settlement contest. Recently, he became a silver medalist as a Bangladeshi team member at the International Medicine and Disease Olympiad 2022. His microorganism and plant-based research projects at Bacto Crop are showing an enormous possibility of sustainable agriculture with eco-friendly, effective agro-products ensuring crop safety and faster germination.

Mr. Rudhvik Dharamkar (Winner of Glocal Teen Hero India 2022) is a social student entrepreneur who is currently pursuing his graduation. He is a Founder & CEO at Fleckor Media LLP. He worked as a tech content creator on Techy Rudvik Youtube page to educate people on tech products & mobile software applications. He and his team have helped 2 NGOs namely Mustafa Foundation & Aliya Humanitarian Foundation have been associated with Fleckor where he is helping them go digital.

He is also appreciated by the IT Minister of Telangana state for his vision with Fleckor at T-Hub for EO GSEA Regional Finals Hyderabad. His work has served more than 35+ clients, including many startups, businesses, business incubators & even educational institutions. Many students working with them gained solid skills from free training & also learned many new things about startups. He and his team have helped to develop the studio for learning digitally.

Out of a total of 236, 205 & 291 applications for Glocal Teen Hero Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh respectively, the selection was based on their resume, the evidence, and an essay on their accomplishment. The six teenagers from each nation went through an interview after which the winners were selected. The selected winners were awarded during the Awarding ceremony conducted in their own country.

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