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vivo Rewind 2022- A Monumental Year for The Global Smartphone Brand

vivo Rewind 2022- A Monumental Year for The Global Smartphone Brand


With numerous successful product launches, the opening of new stores, and a celebration of vivo’s 5th year in Nepal, vivo firstly owes its success to its partners, employees, suppliers, distributors and consumers for their recurring support and love. Following a customer-centric approach has enabled the brand to be the most loved in the country. Until this day, vivo’s presence in Nepal has allowed the brand to expand significantly, to now possessing over 1000+ retail stores and 4 customer service centres across Nepal in Kathmandu, Narayangarh, Pokhara, and Itahari.

As such, vivo has always ensured that customers can resolve any doubts and issues they might encounter at any time. On a more global stage, vivo has had the opportunity to sponsor the world’s biggest sports competition: the FIFA World Cup 2022 held in Qatar. Connecting people around the world and creating an extraordinary experience for football lovers has allowed vivo to pursue their globalization strategy and consequently permit the Nepali users to enjoy global products in a local approach.

Think global, go local:

Ever since vivo’s beginnings in Nepal in 2017, the smartphone brand has always strived to provide the local market and consumers with globally conceived products and technologies, to provide the best smartphone experience amongst consumers through mobilization of local resources to provide global technologies. This year vivo held their annual service day, which is a remnant of the “More local, More Global” philosophy that vivo follows. This success has allowed vivo to hold vivo Service Day towards the end of every month, whereby customers can take advantage of free after-sales services that includes cleaning, disinfecting, system recovery and software upgrades, amongst other benefits.

Being a valuable community member:

One of vivo’s internal objectives this year was to remain well-integrated into local festivities, to improve engagement and promote positivity amongst its consumers. One of the activities vivo created was the ‘vivotine photography contest’, to celebrate love and happiness. They awarded the extremely talented and immensely creative people, with prizes and discounts on existing X and Y series smartphones.

It showcased how vivo’s phones are capable of capturing the most positive moments in photo, as well creating extensive coordination to win prizes amongst their consumers. Another notable celebration that vivo was a part of Dashain, where they transformed a festive spirit into compassion through a variety of exciting offers, with prizes to be won like the Y15C, and numerous gifts ranging to be around 400+. vivo’s intention was to add value and make every vivo customer feel loved and special, and this was successfully done through vivo Nepal’s Facebook page.

Innovation in technologies:

Along with offers, discounts and campaigns, vivo sought innovation as a necessary step to improve their reach. One of the first steps they sought was to improve the 5G capabilities in Nepal. Smartphones produced and sold in Nepal are equipped with 5G capabilities through technologies like the Rel-17 multi-SIM. It also allows vivo to sell 5G capable smartphones across various price points. Innovation can also now be fast tracked through vivo’s new R&D centre in Tokyo, sought after to conduct pre-research at least 2 years in advance, and allows vivo to venture out into different product segments of AI, imaging system chip designs, etc.

Having an R&D centre is very important to vivo, considering how they recently announced the world’s first colour changing smartphone with a Fluorite AG Glass . It changes colour when exposed to UV light in around 30 seconds. Furthermore, other releases from the R&D division include a report on 6G services and capabilities. Imaging technology has also seen improvements. With the launch of the intelligent imaging chip V1+ in 2021, it has helped catapult photography to a professional standard from a vivo phone, whereby now, influencers are utilising vivo’s products to push their influencer career, due to the low price and high quality vivo’s products offer.

 Launch of new products:

2022 has also seen the launch of important flagships, particularly the V23 and V25 series, with the V23 5G  having the aforementioned Colour Changing Glass as well as a 50MP front camera, proving to be a treat amongst vloggers! On the other hand, the V25 Series also features the Colour Changing Glass, while also packing a 4500mAh battery and 44W Flash Charge. The Y series also experienced an expansion, with Y33s, Y01, Y55, Y15C, Y35, Y22, Y16, and Y22s.

Also, the Y20, V21e experienced price drops to Rs.20, 999 and Rs.37, 999 respectively. vivo’s success does not peak there. As the sun is set to shine on a new year, vivo is striving to meet new goals, in terms of innovation, launching new products, and in an overall sense, being positively involved in the Nepali community.

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