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CGNET has recently launched most affordable and attractive internet packages

CGNET has recently launched most affordable and attractive internet packages


CGNET, an Internet Service Provider which has been enticing customers with the most affordable and attractive internet packages has recently launched Postpaid plan for the first time in Nepal. Under this plan, the company offers 250 Mbps at Rs.1049 and 250 Mbps + IPTV at Rs.1154 Per month.Customers seeking high-speed internet at low price can now be benefited with the postpaid plan since they will not have to pay lumpsum amount but can pay in monthly basis.

Keeping in mind the customer needs, CGNET has introduced this new payment model i.e., Postpaid tariffs which will now allow customers to subscribe to an Internet Plan and pay in postpaid basis i.e, use first and pay later. Customers will also get the yearly subscription benefit on monthly basis payment making the internet plan cheaper than the regular pre-paid plans. Customer will only have to pay refundable deposit of Rs.2500 for connection with no extra charges for router, drop-wire and installation.

In pursuit of transforming the payment services segment, CGNET has introduced Postpaid plan, with never-heard-before benefits for the users. The main objective of the newly launched postpaid plan is to provide superior services across payment experience and let customers surf with ease and freedom. CGNET’s new approach to transform people’s perceptions of the Nepalese internet industry’s payment policy is highly promising.

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