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‘Khalti Celebrates 6 Years of Digital Transformation’

‘Khalti Celebrates 6 Years of Digital Transformation’


Khalti, one of the leading Digital Wallets of Nepal, is celebrating its 6th Anniversary on 26th January. Launched in 2017, with the inception of Digital Transformation in the basic payment needs of Nepalese, Khalti has remained dedicated to pursuing its vision and mission of providing financial inclusion to every individual. On this occasion, Khalti expresses gratitude towards all the users, regulators, partners, agents, and merchants who came along on this six-year journey.

Khalti has emerged as the fastest-growing financial technology startup in Nepal with a user base of 3.1 Million across the country and over 300K+ daily transactions. Khalti has been closely working with 70K+ Agents, 60K+ Merchants, 50+ Banks & Financial Institutions, 1,100+ Co-operatives, and 250+ Employees throughout the country. Additionally, last year, Khalti was awarded WITSA Global Innovation & Tech Excellence Awards 2022 under the category ‘Digital Opportunity/Inclusion Award’ and ISO 27001:2013 certificate for Information Security Management System.

The sixth-year milestone was marked with the tagline ‘K Cha, Khalti Cha’, and will be unveiling the ‘Khalti Membership’ on 1st February, 2023. This membership that consists of ‘Khalti Club’ & ‘Khalti Pro’ is a subscription plan for exclusive offers and deals. Meanwhile, Khalti is also offering anniversary offers and giveaways provided by different service providers and merchants partnered with Khalti. Moreover, Khalti has not missed the opportunity to create a buzz on its social media pages to celebrate the day.

Besides providing payment services, Khalti has also created a strong brand presence over the years. Khalti, which identifies itself as a ‘young and trendy brand’, has centralized most of its communication and visibility in a way that is easily relatable to the young generation. Nevertheless, Khalti has taken its best efforts to make the brand suitable for all ages. The catchphrase of this year ‘K Cha, Khalti Cha’ is a relatable phrase that all Nepalese use in their day-to-day conversation that translates to ‘What’s up?’. However, it has alternative interpretations for the brand as the word ‘K’ stands for ‘Khalti’ and Cha as for ‘6th Year of Khalti’, likewise, it also means ‘I have Khalti’.

Khalti is also moving towards the goal of making the app a ‘ Lifestyle Brand’ that benefits people of all age groups. Adding to this goal, Khalti launched their ‘Khalti Quiz’ a few months back. People of different age groups can spend their time playing engaging, interesting, and informational Quizzes and earn additional benefits on offers and coupons. Today, 9,000 active users are playing Khalti Quiz regularly. Meanwhile, Khalti also began its huge promotions with Movie Tickets by introducing #MyMovieMantra and the core message to buy movie tickets in just 50 Seconds using the Khalti app.

Additionally, from partnering exclusively with different Nepali movies, and movie halls to event ticketing, Khalti’s recent focus has also been on making both platforms their strongest medium. Consequently, Khalti’s new launch, Khalti Club and Khalti Pro have a special focus on making it a go-to app when it comes to movies and events. The company itself began its launch through CAN Info-Tech in 2017 and made its first appearance by placing its ads on the tickets for that particular event. Six years down the line, Khalti can today be seen partnering with versatile events and movies after dedicated structuring of the whole system over all these years.

Speaking about the Anniversary, Binay Khadka, the Chief Executive Officer of Khalti expressed, ‘We are proud to be here touching and transforming Nepalese life with digital financial services and we are beholden to everyone for your unceasing support and trust which have inspired us to do better tomorrow than today. We commit to offer you more innovative and impactful services for your convenience and delight”

Moving forward, Khalti aspires to become a leading innovation company. From fulfilling the basic payment needs to engaging the users with innovations within the app, Khalti is committed to providing the finest experience to its users. In the upcoming years, more creative and innovative ideas are expected to be introduced within the app. Moreover, Khalti moves towards its sixth year with a more vital aspiration to provide financial inclusion through innovations.

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