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Efficient Tips to Prolong Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Efficient Tips to Prolong Your Smartphone’s Battery Life


Smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate and access information. However, the extensive usage of these handheld devices daily can lead to a significant strain on their battery life. To prevent premature depletion and optimize your device’s battery life, certain best practices can be adhered to. With the pursuit for extended battery longevity, smartphone users can ensure that their devices stay charged and ready to support them throughout the day.

Turn off background apps

In order to maintain the longevity of a smartphone’s battery life, it is important to ensure that background applications are not continuously running when not in use. Although it may not always be feasible to manually close these apps, such an action can substantially contribute to the preservation of battery life. However, to alleviate this issue, one may wish to consider investing in a device like the vivo Y20s. This model is equipped with a Snapdragon 460 processor, allowing for the use of multiple applications simultaneously with minimal impact on battery life.

Switching on Airplane Mode

There are various situations in which a phone’s network coverage may not be available, such as when an individual is traveling on a flight or trekking in remote hilly areas. Enabling the airplane mode on the phone can serve as a saviour for the battery life of the phone in such circumstances. During extensive and extended travels, the battery of the phone can discharge even if it remains idle. Thus, activating the airplane mode can efficiently preserve the battery life of the phone during such long journeys. Furthermore, these small changes, in a phone like vivo V23e with its 4050mAh battery can help solve most of his battery-related concerns. One can efficiently operate it for more than a day without worrying much about charging.

Mind the temperature

Believe it or not, temperature can significantly impact the battery life of a smartphone. Extreme heat and cold weather can have adverse effects on the battery. Overheating can also be caused by running too many tasks simultaneously, leading to potential damage to the phone. Immediate action should be taken to prevent long-lasting damage to the smartphone. On sunny days, it is important to keep the phone out of direct sunlight to avoid overheating while spending long hours in direct sunlight.

Turn off Apps notifications and vibration mode

Smartphones have power-saving features that put them to sleep or a lower power mode, but getting frequent notifications from apps can keep them awake and quickly drain the battery. Though some prefer silent mode, it’s best to avoid vibration notifications unless essential to prolong the smartphone’s battery life.

To do’s when phone’s battery is low

When away from home with a low phone battery, it’s wise to conserve power for important tasks like booking a taxi by avoiding non-essential applications and putting the phone in Airplane mode. However, having no communication due to a dead phone battery is worse. For communication, turn the phone back on, and while locating an outlet or charging station, it’s advisable to put the phone in airplane mode to charge faster with fewer background activities. A phone like the vivo Y53s with its 33W FlashCharge charges fast in regaining sufficient power in 15 minutes. Following these practices can save the phone battery in the long run and ensure a better smartphone experience.

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