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Khalti’s 5th Anniversary: ‘Five years’ or ‘just 5 years’?

Khalti’s 5th Anniversary: ‘Five years’ or ‘just 5 years’?


Launched in 2017, popular online payment service provider of Nepal, Khalti, has completed its 5th anniversary today.  With the aim to digitize the daily payments of every Nepali household, Khalti has been making life easier for millions of people daily. But, should we call this 5 years – ‘Five years’ or ‘just 5 years’?

For a startup, to complete five years means being successful in establishing themselves in their field, gaining trust of their audiences. Khalti has also proved this to be true in its 5 year long journey. However, if we look at this from the perspective of it being a long journey, Khalti is ‘just’ 5 years old. That means it has a long way to travel to pave the path of digital Nepal. It definitely carries the high possibility of doing so successfully.

Popular among the youth, Khalti, is a brand with a unique identity in the Nepali fintech industry. With a marketing team full of young people, Khalti’s way of spreading its message is different from the mainstream. It has managed to prove it again by releasing a funny video on its anniversary that constitutes of memes made by their own team members.

It has also managed to create a stir on Twitter by putting a birthday reminder on Twitter, a day before their birthday. In that tweet, other brands like WorldLink, Pathao, Foodmandu joined in to respond in witty manner. On this occasion,Mr. Binay Khadka,Chief Executive Officer of Khalti says, ‘On behalf of the Khalti team, I would like to extend my heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all those who were directly or indirectly involved in this journey. In the upcoming days, with the aim of motivating every age group to use Khalti, we are targeting to bring more services & make ‘Khalti’ simpler and more useful.’

Recalling the golden journey so far, the 4 Founders and directors of ‘Khalti’ said.

Amit Agrawal: ‘We are always focused on understanding the needs and problems of our users to bring a convenient facilities accordingly. By keeping that in mind,we are expanding various services, facilities and attractive offers from time to time. We will keep persisting till we make the dream of Digital Nepal come true.’

Manish Modi : ‘I would like to thank all the team members, family, friends, users, agents, banks, merchants, applicants ,and well wishers from the bottom of my heart who have always supported ‘Khalti’ to achieve the dream of Digital Nepal and the vision to reach all Nepalese. In upcoming days too, our team has hoped for the same support and encouraging participation from you.’

Arvind Sah: ‘Khalti has been able to work as a catalyst to bring changes in the Nepal’s digital ecosystem because of the entire Khalti team and the people who are involved directly and indirectly . I want to express gratitude to all who stayed by our side in this journey. Moreover, I look forward to your support and assistance in establishing at least 5 million Nepalis as a trusted service provider within the sixth year of Khalti.’

Dhruba Adhikari: With all success we have gained till now, our responsibility to make Khalti more easier, convenient, secure has increased more and more everyday. So, we will continue to be committed to moving forward, rising above the surface. Khalti will soon not only a payment provider but a lifestyle. The company with currently 230+ member, has dedicated all the credit for its success to its users. On the same occasion, they have also brought back their blockbuster campaign ‘Refer & Earn’.

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