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Coca-Cola Saksham 2.0 – Bringing Change DigitALLy and Locally

Coca-Cola Saksham 2.0 – Bringing Change DigitALLy and Locally


Womens’ Empowerment and Gender Equality can accelerate the development of society. This is the reason Coca-Cola is focused on these factors to create a positive impact in society. After an impactful season the Saksham training program in 2022, Coca-Cola Nepal is re-commencing the same as Saksham 2.0. Saksham 2.0 intends to strengthen and empower another 1000 women grocery retailers and Eating & Drinking owners across the nation through its one-day training session.

Saksham 2022, was launched on March 2022 with a vision to build the capacity of micro and small-scale women entrepreneurs in and outside Kathmandu Valley to enhance their knowledge as an entrepreneur and to build their capacity for growth and innovation. It was able to create a unique and common platform for over 1000 women to learn from fellow retailers and share challenges & insights to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Saksham 2.0 aims to support “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for gender equality” which is the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day by creating an awareness that women can and will run businesses that are innovative in building a flourishing society. Thus, Saksham 2.0 program is designed to build the capacity of women retailers and women-owned small restaurant owners on financial literacy, hospitality, sanitation management, and the use of digital wallets.

This year Saksham 2.0 will support startups or potential startups through a customized mentorship program. The program will focus on building the capacity of young women with the information and skill to design and elevate their businesses and Ideas.

Mr. Deepak Nath Senthil, Managing Director of Bottlers Nepal Limited shared, ‘Through Saksham, we are focusing on strengthening the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of 1000 women running grocery and E&D stores. Our women retailers have started their ventures through their own investments that they have scaled up over the years of growing their business. We hope to add value to their growth through our training program. I hope all the participants of Saksham 2.0 make the maximum of available resources and networks.

Mr. Adarsh Awasthi, Country Director of Coca-Cola in Nepal shared, ‘Here at Coca-Cola, we believe that women empowerment and gender equality is very vital for the overall development of a society. 5by20, STAR Program, and Saksham have successfully transformed the lives of those who participated in a positive way. We are hopeful that Saksham 2.0 will also carry on to create new success stories of another 1000 female entrepreneurs and be able to contribute to build a society that is gender-just and DigitALLy empowered.Æ

Retailers who are new in their business i.e., not more than a year old can also apply for the mentorship program.

Nepal’s new constitution of 2015 holds diversity, equity, and inclusion at its center. Coca-Cola plays a vital role in imparting and thus adding to the vision of Government initiated programs. This can be reflected in Coca-Cola’s various women-empowering initiatives over the years. In 2010, Coca-Cola globally announced the ambitious 5by20 program which aimed to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million female entrepreneurs across its value chain by 2020. Additionally, Coca-Cola Nepal has also successfully conducted the STAR (Shopkeeper Training and Resources) program to 5,800 women in retail during the past 6 years.

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