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Vivo Supports Gender Equality and Growth for Women In Nepal

Vivo Supports Gender Equality and Growth for Women In Nepal


Today, working women in Nepal face a major challenge due to ecosystem changes in the post-pandemic world. When people across the world were forced to stay in their homes, the responsibilities of female entrepreneurs urged them to change their priorities to fight for survival. This led to multiple women entrepreneurs shutting their businesses during the pandemic. However, few women outshined others as they turned these challenges into an opportunity to inspire others.

vivo, the global smartphone brand, has always been very vocal about its idea to cherish all genders equally and encourage all those women who drive change. vivo is highly passionate about its mission of ‘Benfen’ which in Chinese translates to emphasizing ‘doing the right things and doing the things right’. Thus, they find themselves committed to empowering women across societies by building technology for their good. vivo believes that through continuous technological advancement and innovation, they can impact and empower women in no other way. Thus, they continuously strive to bring the change required to ensure equitable growth in society. vivo has done a tremendous job in impacting the lives of rural women and girls in their effort to support entrepreneurship and long-term economic stability in the country. It helped women connect with business owners, establish business relationships and drive change in society.

Here are a few instances to reflect the impact made by vivo on women in Nepal:

Bimala Khatiwada owns a shop in eastern Nepal, Dharan which is run by females only. She started her mobile business in 2068 B.S. At that time, there used to be neither any female shop owners nor any female salespeople. Even now, there aren’t many women who independently own a mobile shop. In her initial days, the customers used to doubt her skills and knowledge because of gender parity and stereotypical connotations. But soon the scenario changed & they realised her potential as a professional and she turned out to be a major business owner in the region. Even when there were no special privileges for women in this sector, she became one of the top merchants for vivo in the region. Through all these years, vivo has supported her through thick and thin, helping her drive business growth and build recognition by upskilling herself in this industry. She highly motivates her fellow female entrepreneurs to join the IT industry as it is a highly rewarding career choice.

Anita Shrestha is a female business owner on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley. She has been selling vivo smartphones for the last three years. She didn’t have to face any such obstacles being a female entrepreneur, but she feels that the smartphone industry is a highly male-dominated industry and still, there is a need for many women to volunteer for this business. She is highly grateful for the constant support and encouragement she receives from vivo. She encourages fellow women to break their shackles and empower themselves through entrepreneurship.

Nunita Kayastha runs her shop at Banepa. She has been in this industry for the last five years & has been actively working with vivo since its inspection in the country. She hasn’t faced any other issue than the macro-economic factors but feels that women’s participation in the smartphone industry is evidently very low. She praised vivo for constantly supporting and providing her with an opportunity to upskill and grow herself. This constant support has helped her drive great financial results for herself and her employees. She urges young fellow female entrepreneurs to believe in their skills and keep working on themselves.

All these entrepreneurs are true examples of changemakers and flagbearers of women empowerment in Nepal. These women transcend the old-established social structure and give society hope to grow and bring prosperity to Nepal. vivo takes absolute pride in supporting and encouraging these leaders to do more and inspire many more, this woman’s day!

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