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A Strong Defense with a touch of Elegance, Asian Paints Nepal Launches new Products

A Strong Defense with a touch of Elegance, Asian Paints Nepal Launches new Products


Efflorescence (nuniya) has been a major issue that homeowners have been facing on the interior and exterior wall surfaces. In a recent event organized by Asian Paints Nepal Pvt. Ltd. At Hotel Soaltee on April 7, 2023 in Kathmandu, in the presence of 200+ dealers, the company launched two new products in its Smartcare category that are designed to combat the efflorescence and dampness on walls viz. Silicon Shield and Hydroloc. Furthermore, the company also unveiled two more products in its Royale Play category that will fulfill your dreams of taking the interior décor of your homes to an entirely new level: Bariq and Stucco.

Silicon Shield is an easy-to-use waterproofing agent that has a unique penetrative formulation which makes it quite compatible with bricks, stones and clay tiles and protects your exterior walls from efflorescence whilst maintaining their natural look. Hydroloc is another penetrative waterproofing solution that is ideal for applying over interior plastered walls to protect them against dampness and efflorescence.

Royale Play Bariq offers a rich metallic texture inspired by the mighty Arabian deserts and offers effects: Ocean Wave and Whirl. Royale Play Stucco on the other hand offers a finish that gives the feeling of having marble on your interior walls.

All these four new products will be available in the market following the launch and will provide a smart and efficient solution to efflorescence for the consumers, all the while bringing out the most beautiful rendition of colors and their shades into your home.

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