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Coca-Cola Momo Utsav Created lots of Coke Momories

Coca-Cola Momo Utsav Created lots of Coke Momories


Coke Momo Utsav, the much-awaited food festival celebrating the beloved Nepalese dish, Momo and Coke has ended with lots of memories. Coca-Cola has been organizing Momo Utsav for 8 years to celebrate the extraordinary combination of magical taste, and this year it has broadened its scope with the tagline “Coke + Momo Ko Stories: Magical Momories”. This year, Coca-Cola Momo Utsav had covered all the major cities: Pokhara, Dharan, Kathmandu, Bharatpur, and Bhaktapur, organizing the Coke Momory Fest.

The Coke Momory Fest concluded with “Bhaktapur’s Cooking” event at Bhaktapur, where 4400+ consumers got a chance to experience the best food from 3 cities at once while enjoying Coke and live music performances by Nepal’s leading talents like Kutumba, Swoopna Suman, Trishna Gurung and so on. With this, the Coke Momory Fest have now completed with 5 events (Pokhara, Dharan, Kathmandu, Bharatpur and Bhaktapur), giving an immersive Coke experience to 18500+ consumers. This was the first time that Coke had an extensive integrated on ground act for its AFH (Away From Home) meals.

Coca-Cola Momo Utsav is a localized concept of the global Coke and food tradition that embodies the great combination of the most preferred beverage and the dish of Nepalese, which is Coke and Momo. Through this campaign, which started on February 15, Coca-Cola had partnered with over 1000 restaurants and eateries across Nepal, offering special combo offers at a discounted price to their consumers.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Adarsh Avasthi, Country Director of Coca-Cola Nepal, said, “Coca-Cola Momo Utsav has almost become a tradition in Nepal, given how well a chilled bottle of Coke complements the taste of a hot plate of Momo. I must say that this is the best-localized version of our global Coke and Meals concept in Nepal, and we are pleased that Momo Utsav is not only limited to Kathmandu but this time it has expanded to other major cities as well. It was only possible because of the phenomenal love and support our Nepali customers have shown us over the years.’

Mr. Deepak Nath Senthil, Managing Director, Bottlers Nepal Ltd., said, “With the 8th edition of the Coca-Cola Momo Utsav Campaign, we celebrated all of the nostalgic memories that all Nepalis have with Momo, accompanied with a chilled bottle of Coke. With the tagline ‘Momo+Coke ko stories, Magical Momories’, I hope our Nepali consumers have created another year of flavorful and magical momories with all the incredible creative varieties of momo and scintillating music at events across different parts of the country.’

The Coke Momory Fest event has brought about high intensity engagement in celebrations across all parts of the country. This exciting event has managed to captivate the attention of people from all walks of life, encouraging them to come together and celebrate their love for Coke and Momo. With its fun-filled activities and delicious Momo, the Coke Momory Fest became a popular platform for people to socialize and interact with others, creating a sense of community and togetherness. The event has been successful in engaging people of all ages, making it a truly inclusive celebration that brings people together in a shared love for Coke and Momo.

The Nepalese have an undeniable love for Momo, and nothing beats the combination of a hot, steamed Momo and a chilled bottle of Coke. Every Nepalese surely has special memories of Momo with Coke to share. In order to interact and know those special memories, Coca-Cola Nepal had also asked to share stories with Momo and Coke with daily prizes of Daraz vouchers, a weekly prize of a Samsung Galaxy A04e, and a bumper prize of a Samsung Galaxy A04e, as well as dinner with Swastima Khadka on which 1000+ Coke Momories were shared. Out of 1000+, more than 150 were facilitated with the prize.

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