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Hapurkhola Bridge constructed not completed in seven years

Hapurkhola Bridge constructed not completed in seven years

It has been around seven years since construction of Hapurkhola linking Duruwa-Kothari began in Tulsipur sub-metropolis-15. But, the bridge construction is half finished till this date.

In absence of the bridge, the locals have been facing trouble in their movement. The contract for the bridge construction was awarded to SPA Surya JV Construction Company of Surkhet in a way to complete the construction four years back.

The contract of Rs 105 million was awarded to the company in Asoj 2073.

Locals are being disappointed for protracting the construction of the bridge. ‘It has been over seven years since the construction started’, he said, adding, ‘The construction ahs not yet been completed. Its really troublesome for the general public’.

The contractor has been extending the timeline for the construction of the bridge in different pretexts.

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