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IPL Cricket 2023 in HD Quality can viewe Nepal’s First Premium DishHome ITV

IPL Cricket 2023 in HD Quality can viewe Nepal’s First Premium DishHome ITV


Dish Media Network started the service of IP TV by looking at the recent changes in technology and the wishes of the customers. Nepal’s First Premium IPTV HD Unlike ITV, DTH and Terrestrial (T2) Internet Protocol based technology, popular cricket tournament IPL can be watched in HD quality on IPTV.

International series such as Korean, Pakistani, Iranian, Bulgarian etc. can be watched at any time. More than 200 TV channels including Dish Home exclusive channels like Shorts TV, Gunjan, Cine Hits, Junior TV and popular Korean series in Nepali language, including various sports, series, movies and entertainment TV exclusive serial Bhagya Sindoorko and Anandi on live TV daily, 5 thousand More than hours of various content, video on demand, catch-up TV/start-over TV, YouTube, Tiktok and other various apps and features are available.

Since the television signal is received through the Internet Protocol (IP) network, it is necessary to have an Internet connection to receive this service. Customers can enjoy exclusive, premium, HD TV channels on Nepal’s first premium IPTV HD ITV by contacting their nearest dealer Daikoma or DishHome Customer Service Center and connecting HD Fibernet.

The company is confident that our customers will get the same support and love as DTH as well as quality and better service than other service providers.

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