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Link NMB Bank Account  Khalti ID exclusively: Get instant Rs. 100 Bonus and win Smartphone

Link NMB Bank Account  Khalti ID exclusively: Get instant Rs. 100 Bonus and win Smartphone


Khalti, in collaboration with NMB Bank, has exclusively enabled the service to link NMB Bank. Now, NMB Bank users can now link their bank account in Khalti and can make quick and seamless payments using NMB Bank account in just few taps. Moreover, Khalti is also offering a bonus of Rs.100 to the users for the first payment from their first linked Bank account to Khalti and one lucky user will get a chance to win a brand-new Smartphone as a bumper prize.

The bonus is applicable to the users who have linked their Bank account for the first time in Khalti and have completed their first payment from their linked bank accounts. Meanwhile, the Smartphone will be awarded as a bumper prize after the end of the campaign to one lucky user who makes payments from their linked bank accounts during the offer period. In order to link a Bank account with Khalti, users must have their KYC verified.

Regarding this offer, Khalti’s CEO, Mr. Binay Khadka shared, ‘We bring this offer to encourage all NMB users who have been eagerly waiting to link their bank with Khalti. Moreover, the facility of linking bank account not only makes the payment seamless and fast, but it also helps users to manage and move money independently from one account to another.’

Khalti’s bank link feature allows users to make payments of utility bills, QR scan, and pay, flight tickets, insurance payment, movie tickets, fund transfers to other bank account, and other several payments direct and instant from a linked bank account. This offer is valid from th  4th April 2023 to 19th May 2023. Also, it won’t be necessary for Khalti users to load wallet balances once the bank account is linked.

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