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Over 9,000 govt employees fail to submit property details

Over 9,000 govt employees fail to submit property details


As per law, the government employees need to submit property details within 60 days of every fiscal year. The Corruption Prevention Act, 2059 has this provision.

However, the legal provision was flouted by more than nine thousand government employees in the fiscal year, 2078/79. A total of 9,590 government employees failed to submit property details in the last fiscal year, according to the National Vigilance Centre.

Among total violators, 6,646 are the federal level employees, while 1,917 are from local levels.

The Vigilance Centre has written to the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority to fine Rs 5,000 to each employee who violated the rule. Even the school teachers totaling 1,158 have not submitted property details to the government, while 113 Nepal Police persons belonged to this category.

Similarly, the people who have got political appointments and those working on contract base numbered 1,922 followed suit to violate the rule. Details to this were shared by the Vigilance Centre on Monday.

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